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Welcome to the Sangre de Cristo (“Blood of Christ”) Fellowship!

Here at "the CROSS Roads of GRACE & FAITH” you’ll find a precious family of believers, a gathering of the saints, & the true Gospel of GRACE!
There’s something VERY SPECIAL happening in the City Different…
and we invite YOU to come and be a part of it!

Come meet the family and experience a pure & simple way to celebrate JESUS…
the coffee's hot, the smiles real, & you'll sure get fed by the Word!


The Sangre de Cristo Fellowship
Worship Service & "Doc’s Message” Audio

==> Click below to hear the complete SDCF Worship Service or “Doc’s Message” from last Sunday! <==

August 30th, 2015 - SDCF's Worship Service (start to finish - the "whole enchilada")

August 30th, 2015 - “Doc's Message - ON THE AUTHORITY! (series finale)(just the message)


Doc’s "Deep Thoughts"
(well…deep for Doc anyway!)

Jake & Doc

"For of His fullness we have all received, and GRACE upon GRACE.”  John 1:16

“RETURN TO THE STRONGHOLD, YOU PRISONERS THAT HAVE THE HOPE!”  These words from the prophet Zechariah hold special meaning to our SDCF family!  Usually we don’t post the 5th Sunday business meeting audio on the website, but this one is SO important that we wanted to make sure everyone that loves this fellowship got to hear it!  A VERY special thanks to Cindy for leading our business meeting, & a VERY special welcome to Gilbert who has answered the Spirit’s call to serve as our newest Elder!

Thanks to Lee for opening the service and to Lee & Joseph for their service each & every week, to Dixie for the powerful message in song “Sometimes It Takes a Mountain", to Brother Marc for a powerful opening prayer, and to Sandy who for the great reading from Zechariah & Matthew.  We also wrapped up our final summer message series called “ON THE AUTHORITY!”  The links to the recordings of the worship service & “Doc's Message” are right above just in case you missed it…or just in case you enjoyed it SO much you want to hear it all again!  And to our visitors, thanks for blessing us this morning by sharing with us in our worship service...Y’all come back anytime!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!  Beginning on September 13th we’ll kick off our coordinated message series & Bible Study on 1st Corinthians!  Make plans to join us every Sunday for worship & every Wednesday evening at 7pm for our Bible Study as we continue our ride through the letters of the great Apostle of GRACE!  This is an AMAZING book of the Bible…& you’re gonna be blessed!  Watch for details in the Sangre de Cristo Fellowship “Mountaineer!"

BIG, BIG NEWS!  A huge CONGRATULATIONS to our own Cindy Barfield for winning the BLUE RIBBON at the Santa Fe County Fair for her GREEN CHILE!  Now let’s see: the Spirit's moving, the love is flowing, AND we've got the best green chile chef in the Land of Enchantment!  How much better does it get than that?  Sangre de Cristo Fellowship sponsored the “Chile Challenge” again this year at the County Fair - & here are the winners!  If ya missed this - STOP MISSING IT!  The chile just ROCKED!  :)  Congratulations to everyone!

Red Chile
1st Place - Stephanie Huerta-Branch
2nd Place - 
Lisa Boulware

Gringo / TexMex
1st Place - Deanna McQuillan
2nd Place - 
Nancy Moore

Green Chile
1st Place - Cindy Barfield
2nd Place (Tie) - Lisa Boulware & Stephanie Huerta-Branch
3rd Place - 
Nancy Moore

URGENT NEED MET!!  Our own Joseph “Stevie Ray” Martinez has stepped up to assist Pastor Lee - but we could sure use one more volunteer! The Sangre de Cristo Fellowship still has a need for someone to assist Pastor Lee & Brother Joseph each week with the setup and takedown before & after the worship service in the Southwest Annex!  This would mean arriving about 2 hours before the worship service & staying for an hour afterwards - and would primarily involve setting up / taking down the sound system & digital piano -and- rearranging chairs & tables.  Please lift this need up in prayer, and if your Abba Father is calling YOU to serve, it will be a real blessing to your SDCF family!

Just in case you didn’t know - we have a wonderful Children’s Ministry & Sunday School!  Kim Martinez leads our precious kids each Sunday, and coordinates the lesson with the worship service theme and message each & every week!  Bring the WHOLE family & discover a pure & simple way to celebrate Jesus!

Have ya checked out our new home?  Now we’re even easier to find & easier to get to…so come experience a pure & simple way to celebrate Jesus!  Just click on NEW Location above for all the details!

The train has left the station on a new message series called “THE GOSPEL OF GRACE!” Come discover the freedom & blessings of the true Gospel message, & experience the radical GRACE of the New Covenant! 

In HIS Service…


WELCOME to our home on the World Wide Web!  When you’re here…you’re family.  And please make plans to join us on Sunday mornings & Wednesday evenings for our regular worship service & weekly Bible study!

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At the Sangre de Cristo Fellowship, the Light is always shining!  Come as you are.  Rest & relax.  And experience the true gospel of the GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ!

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"Seek the LORD while He may be found; Call upon Him while He is near."  Isaiah 55:6 (NASB)

© 2015 The Sangre de Cristo Fellowship